Thorne Training

What We Are

Certified Athletic Trainer/Performance Coach who believes that there is more than one way to solve performance issues. We specialize in injury management..  We focus on the whole of the individual and meet them where they are in their performance journey.



What is Injury Management?

Injury Management is a multifaceted approach to Human Performance Recovery.  It entails a 3x3x3 scheme of different tiers within the medical, nutrition, and fitness categories.  It is ever cyclical with each tier affecting the others and constantly working with each other to reach optimal performance.

  • Prevention
  • Recovery
  • Maintenance
    • The body
    • The Mind
    • Nutrition
      • Insurance
      • The provider



Human Performance

Human Performance lies on a scale from being able to hug your grand kids to squatting 900 lbs.  Human Performance is very releti