Injury Managment

Everybody gets hurt/injured at some point in his or her lives, when I say injured I am referring to a musculoskeletal injury, injury to the bones, muscle or joints. Sometimes it could have been prevented while other times the injury is completely out of control. No matter how the injury occurred, you are responsible for the actions needed to manage your injury to return to good health, not the Doctor, physical therapist, parents, child, or spouse, it is on you!
I am here to help you with this injury management task.  I will give you knowledge and tools of how to manage an injury. Managing an injury is broken into steps that depend on where you are in the injury-recovery process. The injury-recovery process goes like this; prevention, acute, sub-acute, recovery, and finally maintenance.


Workout Accommodations

An injury slowing you down and hurting your gains?  Losing your gains due to pain and being hurt?  Let Thorne Training help you get back on point.

When an injury occurs you always have to ask yourself should I continue working out and push through this or should I rest.  The answer is usually both, but there are fine details that need to be understood.  Thorne Training can use the knowledge they have gained by working with elite level and industrial athletes, keeping them in play while dealing with injury.

We can revise your current workout program to bypass your injury and keep you progressing and moving forward.

  • 45-minute video conference to discuss what you need
  • 15-minute follow-up conference call
  • E-mail conversations
  • PDF of modified workout to accommodate for injury (will progress based on rehab protocol)

If your physician told you to rest, you should get a second opinion!




Best Health Care Provider for You!

Are you hurt! Are you injured! Are you recovering!  Are you looking for the best medical professional to help you recover?  Let me help you!  I will use the skills that I have gained, from helping put together NFL and Division 1 sport medicines teams, to find you the absolute best provider in the area for your specific needs. 

While working with elite sports teams we needed to make sure that we had the best medical professionals at our service so that we could refer our players when needed.  I will use the strategies and processes used with these teams to find the best medical professional for you!

Your best friend’s doctor may not be the best doctor for you!

  • 30-minute video conference to discuss what you are looking for in a provider and why
  • Follow up to discuss the decision of why the provider is best for you
  • Email conversations

Don’t waste your time, money, or your health, let me help you get the best results




Injury Consultation and Management

Let me help you through your Orthopedic injury.  Using my advanced knowledge of the human body and the various techniques utilized to help someone recover from injury.  I will make sure that you know the best techniques and recovery methods for your injury.  I wade through all the research for you and get rid of the BS.  I make sure that you get the care you need to make sure you optimize your return to a better you.  I will join your orthopedic team and help design an appropriate rehab plan so that you can return to the activities that you love to do.

-30 minute initial assessment/video conference

-30 minute Strategy video conference

-Tireless effort to make sure that you are getting the care you deserve

-Unlimited emails

-A Gladiator in your corner

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